Client Feedback

"I would highly recommend Bob and InExPa based on technical knowledge coupled with business process knowledge. The most important benefits we have received out of CMiC came from Bob's recommendations. He was critical to the effective implementation of CMIC and is a solid business partner."

"Listens to client needs and adapts solutions to fit their needs (as opposed to pushing certain solutions). Evaluates the business need relative to potential solutions and provides alternatives and recommendations."

"Bob is an excellent communicator with a very thorough understanding of CMiC. He's able to clearly explain system functionality and rationale behind the best practices he's learned."

"Bob is an excellent consultant and will help expand your knowledge and understanding of CMIC products."

"Very good written and verbal communication."

"Able to get to the heart of the matter."

"We began the CMiC implementation with someone other than Bob, I wish Bob was involved with our implementation of CMiC at the start. Bob knows the system much better, understand the challenges of contractors, and makes valuable recommendations regarding the decisions to be made so that project managers and others can effectively use the system."

"Bob's knowledge about the operations functionality of CMiC software is outstanding. He helped us greatly with job costing, job billing, and other functionality. Bob does a great job in training, managing the project, and keeping us informed of pending matters and progress."

"Bob just brings real world experience in implementing CMiC and is willing to teach you vs. take on the task."