Our Story

Bob wanted to create a consulting company steeped in a culture prioritizing integrity, expertise, and partnership. Inexpa distinguishes itself by each consultant's dogged pursuit of continued improvement and customer satisfaction. Formed in 2019, Inexpa has grown quickly in clients, consultants, and reputation. Inexpa already has partnered with more than fifty clients with a wide variety of needs, including system implementation, module implementation, troubleshooting and support, reporting, training, data conversion, workflow development, and custom programming.

Inexpa continues to build a team of consultants with the expertise, experience, dedication, and in-team support required to leverage CMiC to help you run your business better.

Our Values


We never compromise our integrity. Trust brings speed, quality, and harmony. If we trust each other, we can spend less time double-checking and negotiating and more time achieving our goals. Our consultants live by the transparency test -- if we wouldn't want our client to know what we do, then we don't do it.


Sometimes you need a project manager to set goals and hold you accountable to make the most of your existing knowledge. But more often you need an expert in the field to explain to you what you don't know. We expect our consultants to spend time developing their expertise in business practices, the tools we use, and the ability to communicate and train so they can successfully guide you. 


Our consultants never have to choose between our business or our client. It's quite simple: if it's best for our client, it's best for us. It's our duty to understand and help you achieve your goals -- even if your goal is to no longer need a consultant! Our consultants genuinely care about your success.

Our Staff

Bob Correll - CEO and Senior Application Consultant

Bob has over 20 years in the construction industry. Bob held stints as a framing carpenter and GED instructor before going back to school at Virginia Tech and earning his master's degree in Project Management. Bob joined an ENR Top-150 contractor upon graduation. Recognizing his penchant for technology, the contractor's CMiC implementation team invited Bob to come out of the field and into project controls. After implementation, Bob served as the Training and Development Manager for 3 years before returning to project controls and was the Director of Project Controls at the time he left to consult.

Bob has worked directly with CMiC software for over 15 years as a user and consultant. Bob is active in the CMiC User Group (CMUG) community, serving 6 years on the CMUG Steering Committee and chairing the group in 2017. Bob has presented over a dozen times at CMUG workshops and Connect, CMiC's annual user conference. Bob's unique combination of experience in construction, education, and facilitation, his ability to listen, and his passion for helping others succeed allowed for a seamless transition into consulting in 2018 and then starting Inexpa in 2019.

Besides helping you understand CMiC, Bob is an evangelist for Lean construction; employee development, creativity in the workforce, and group facilitation; ESOPs; Office365, including Teams, SharePoint, PowerApps, and the MS Cloud, automation with VBA, Excel tables and pivot tables, Power Query, and Power BI. (He'll likely interject a few of these in his conversation without being asked.)

Marc Chernoff - Senior Application Consultant
Marc has more than 12 years working in the construction industry, half of which were on the software side with CMiC as a Consultant and Project Manager and half on the construction side as an ERP Project Manager. For all of those years, though, he has worked with almost all aspects of the CMiC software, including financials, project controls, field, assets, payroll, business intelligence, CRM, and ECM.

Marc has extensive experience as both a Business Analyst and Project Manager for CMiC software deployments, working with over 70 clients on the software project lifecycle from needs analysis to design and development, implementation, and documentation to support, including scheduling, budgeting, resourcing, business process mapping, training, and issue resolution.

Amy Kehr - Senior Application Consultant
Amy has over a decade of experience working in the construction industry, including summer stints working as a laborer on a civil crew and performing quality control while she was in school. After earning her degrees in Philosophy and Human Resources, she obtained a Human Resources position with a Fortune 500 construction company where she got her first taste of system implementation as a core member of the HR/Payroll implementation team.  3 years later, she took a position with another company as the HR lead for its CMiC implementation where, in addition to managing the HR and Payroll implementation, she was responsible for validating all HR and Payroll interactions with financials, job costing, and job billing. She also oversaw the training of end users. 

Through her 8 years as a Payroll and HR practitioner and trainer, Amy has obtained the valuable combination of an understanding Payroll and HR legal and business requirements for construction companies and the technical proficiency within CMiC to improve efficiencies, troubleshoot issues, and produce compliance and business data.  Amy has configured CMiC for companies working in the U.S. and Canada and with unions.

Corey Mitchell - Senior Data Solutions Consultant
Corey has been working in the construction industry for over 25 years. Corey understands and enjoys participating in all aspects of organization improvement, including business objective definition, strategic planning, analysis, solutions, and establishing effective, scalable systems and practices. He has been involved in software development / programming for two decades and has strengths in problem solving and troubleshooting to complement his extensive experience and knowledge in construction accounting with 15+ years working in a construction finance department.

Corey first became involved with CMIC in 1997 as the finance lead in his company's implementation, later becoming the CMIC subject matter expert for all parts of the application. He has presented many times at the CMIC Connect conference and served on the initial CMUG steering committee.

More recently, Corey's primary focus as a consultant with CMIC clients has been on the data side, doing large scale data conversions and other data projects. His data conversions have included multiple conversions of new acquisitions into existing CMIC production environments as well as CMIC public cloud data conversion. Corey also creates custom programs, utilities, and workflows.

Stacy Tomko - Senior Application Consultant
Stacy has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry across a broad spectrum of responsibilities, from project controls to office management to HR and payroll. In 2008, when her company implemented CMiC, she figured it out quickly and ended up training and supporting teams across multiple jobsites.

In 2015, Stacy moved to Arizona and took a position with a multi-national contractor on the HR/Payroll team tasked with implementing CMiC. The implementation was a success and two years later Stacy was promoted to Payroll Manager for all U.S. operations. During that time, she set up and maintained the use of CMiC's union, certified payroll, and prevailing wage functionality.

In 2018, Stacy went to work full time as a CMiC HR and Payroll consultant to leverage her knowledge of payroll business practices and requirements and how CMiC can be configured and used accordingly.