Who do we serve?

We specialize in serving construction companies who are new customers to CMiC and need an implementation partner as well as companies who are live in CMiC but are looking to implement additional features.

No job is too small. We'll have you creating dashboards in a few hours or rolling out a forecasting system your PMs can understand in a few weeks. We understand the limited resources and data restrictions of public cloud customers and can tailor the implementation scope to meet your needs and budget.

What do we do?

We also implement the following items (and more):

General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable
Human Capital Management, Payroll
Opportunity Management, Job Cost, Job Billing, Contract Forecasting
Subcontract Management, Change Management
Project Management, Mobile Field
Equipment, Fixed Assets
Purchase Orders, Material Management
ECM (Imaging and Workflow)
Security, Customization, Configuration
MIP Reporting, Business Intelligence, Jasper Reporting
Data Conversion, Custom Scripts

Our specialty is project financials. We've helped dozens of companies gain control over tracking project performance by implementing best practices in
job setup, budgeting, costing, commitments, allowance and contingency tracking, billing, and forecasting.